Taking sushi to the streets. The Sushi Bus is a classic 1976 VW kombi that brings the party to you. Retro, Classy, Unique.


A Mobile Sushi bar perfect for indoor events and Live sushi action.

About Us

The story is quite simple, a few guys with a passion for fresh sushi and retro cars decided that they should take sushi to the streets. For two years they scoured the country looking for some old retro vans to convert into the funkiest food trucks and while they did this all they ate was sushi.


They hung out in delis and fishmongers nationwide to find the freshest salmon, they explored Chinatown to find the tastiest rice, crispest nori and flavour-full sesame seeds and while they did this they ate and ate sushi.

Skilled sushi chefs joined the team, rice was cooked, fish was filleted, prawns were steamed and their menus started to fall into place. Finally it was time to take sushi to the streets.